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         Its really a sad tale, as i got the sad news this morning of the passing of troy, been in contact with the Aladdin rescue team and I say, its been challenging, was present at their place two days ago , met their veterinary doctor administering drip etc... Doing the best he could to restore troy back to health.
          Mr. Tobi and Mr. Ayo of the Aladdin rescue team have been diligent watching over Troy , I can't imagine how they must feel right now, they had to watch troy go through so much pain...
           Troy's stay with the rescue team was brief but he experienced true love and care before his passing, he was just starting to experience the good side of life being rehabilitated and all , he struggled to survive and fought the good fight till the very end...
             To the Aladdin rescue team, please accept my condolence, we have more success stories to tell...
       I am babajide and I say STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY 😢


  1. Sweet looking dog ������

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of Troy. I know how painful it was. My dog passed away 3 months ago and after the pet cremation seattle wa I get another dog from the shelter to divert my grieving to my loss dog.