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        Hi! Am here again with another special family of dog lovers ,the SETONs, founder of  'SETON FARMS' , trust me you are in for a blast, I got to spend some time with the ever cheerful, intelligent and one of the founders of SETON FARMS Mrs. Salma Seton, Enjoy.

 1.) Please introduce yourself briefly and tell us what you do for a living?

 My name is Mrs Salma Seton and my husband Emmanuel Seton has always played around the agricultural sector. It is his interest that has finally led us to set up Seton Farms.
2.) Have you always loved dogs or someone inspired you to love dogs?

My early orientation included keeping pets. All around me people kept and loved animals. It was a natural thing to do. Something I've never actually questioned come to think about it. My preference has always been for dogs. Although I don't mind cats.

3.) Also noticed almost all your dogs are Boerboels , why is that?

 Our primary breed at Seton Farms is the South African Boerboel, yes but we also happen to own one female Rottweiler we imported from Serbia. I was introduced to the Boerboel by my husband who happened to take a special liking to the breed. Before then he had a romance with the Rottweiler. Naturally he kept the German Shepherd Dog back in the day. I would love any dog that is in my care and with whom I have developed a relationship. I love dogs period.

 4.) How many dogs do you own presently and what breeds?

Presently we own 11 Boerboels and 1 Rottweiler.

 5.) I see Seton farms a lot in your dog pictures, is Seton farms only for dogs?
  Seton Farms is primarily an integrated livestock farm. The farm has facilities for poultry, piggery and fishery. The kennel is simply another arm.

6.) How do you cope feeding all of them, especially remembering all their names?

 The dogs are part of the family and each is unique. Knowing their names is like knowing the names of ones children. Feeding Boerboels on the other hand is a huge effort. They're big dogs with large appetites. Feeding them right is a huge expense but a great future investment. Because their wellbeing largely depends on eating right. Our dogs' wellbeing is important to us. I believe this says it all.

 7.) Do you have a favourite amongst all your dogs?

 No. I love all of them but differently. They are all unique and special at the same time. Exactly like one's children.

 8.) I noticed your dog pictures were taken professionally, why did you decide to go that route instead of simply using your phone camera to take their pictures?

 I always wanted our dogs presented properly. Honestly I really would like to do this myself and I still actually have withdrawal syndrome for letting go. My husband is even worse off because he fancies himself a photographer and even has some photography gear. So when I decided we should go PRO I met with a lot of resistance from both him and me. To cut a long story short I had started thinking up a vision of our dogs and their brand. And needed this interpreted sharply. Nothing concrete ooh but then I wanted a partner to assist me with the vision. So I took a deep breath and the plunge. I went with my intuition in choosing a partner and the rest is history. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a long journey I can look forward to. Am so glad my vision has taken us in this direction and we've found the right partner.

9.) Wow, nice. Where do you see Seton farms in another 10yrs in the aspect of dog breeding?

 Although our journey of keeping Boerboels has been on for almost 10 years, yet in many aspects it only just begun. The sector has been so far unregulated in Nigeria and it has been difficult to look too far ahead. So we have been taking it one day at a time. But ours is a big vision and it is a new dawn for the Nigerian Boerboel breeder. We are so excited to be in the thick of this renaissance. Seton Farms is now a member of Boerboel Dog Breeders Association of Nigeria (BDBAN) an affiliate of South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS) and we anticipate better opportunities to leverage and plan ahead. One thing we are definitely here to stay.

10.) Excellent, so what's your advise for anyone hoping to get a Boerboel?

 My advise would be to follow your heart and support your passion with adequate knowledge & implementation of the breed standards and membership to a breed club. It is key to ensure to work towards a break-even target to achieve a measure of sustainability.

11.) How can our readers / doglover contact you to buy thier future dogs /pups from you sir?

I can be reached via whatsapp 08037865889 , instagram: @salmauche-okeke

To be continued.....

Thank you Mrs. Salma Seton for honoring my call and to our readers, I also thank you my readers and implore that you stay tuned, keep reading pleasurably, keep getting inspired from our POSTS and continue to stay blessed.

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