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     Troy the survivor.... Got a lot to say , so much history about these dogs very few know.... For the sake of our viewers let's just get to the story.
     Troy's a Boerboel born and bred in Nigeria, as a pup troy and his litter mates survived parvo virus, he and his litter mates were tube fed, kept till 12 weeks old before going to there new homes.
      Which is the main point of this story, the reason why we must monitor , screen whoever will be going with our puppies, not everyone that buys a pup, loves the pup, we need to get to a stage in Nigeria where we let these pups go with a clear conscience, imagine, caring for a pregnant bitch to whelping , to weaning her pups off her, vet bills, sleepless nights, emotional attachments etc.
Only for someone to mess that hard work up in 1 day.
        Hmmmm.... Troy as a pup was let go to his new home with the best intentions , his new home saw him as nothing more than an animal, he wasn't properly taken care of, he was malnourished, no veterinary attention whatsoever, he didn't have a good life at all.
When the breeder who sold troy went to visit , he was almost in tears, troy wasn't looking like a living being , the person who bought him gave a story about troy being sick n all, so the breeder took troy , nursed him back to full health for almost 5months and then returned troy , thinking all will be well, not knowing it was just the  continuation of Troy's suffering..
         Hmmmm...... Troy suffered greatly in the hands of his owner all because he wasn't barking , he wasn't aggressive (that's what the owner claimed).
         Troy only ate, whenever there were left overs , which wasn't everyday, he only drank water when he was chanced too, he was in a devastating state before the breeder and the Aladin rescue team saved him, he was almost lifeless, he was all boneds, he had discharge from his ear, his coat was smelly and thick due to cemented layers of dirty that got moist and stuck to his coat, he was disfigured, couldn't move well, he couldn't even bark well, when ever he tried to bark the sound would almost be faint, his teeth was brown, don't get me started on his breathe, it was simply horrible, I wonder, this dog was in this state and his survived the parvo virus invasion that happened between the late quarter of last year and early quarter of this year, which killed a lot of dogs.....
          I was almost in tears when I watched the video showing the state he was in the day he was rescued, I don't know how he felt but I know this, with the Aladdin rescue team he's in good hands, and his rehabilitation has started....
         This is one of the reasons why enlightenment is key.
  We need to follow up on our dogs and pups, so that what happened to troy wouldn't have to happen again.
         Also as an aspiring trainer with the knowledge My mentor Mr. Idowu Abiodun has instilled in me, will do what I can to help troy with his rehabilitation.
Also follow up on his state on well being, before and after being placed into a new loving home...
          This is the dream have been talking about, we need to show compassion, even when times are hard....
Dogs are living beings too, don't betray their loyalty...

          Watch Out for the live interview of the Aladdin rescue and babajide Coming soon..
          Until next time, its BABAJIDE and PAWS bringing you stories that matter in the canine community , our country and the world at large.
Thank you.


  1. Great job getting him to full health. Some dog owners should be imprisoned, that was awful. Big ups bruv.

    1. Thanks alot , i appreciate your kind words and support

  2. Good!
    Glad he recovered, what a nice dog.
    Some owners are to be arrested.
    troy, u r a sweet dude *muah*

    1. Thanks alot , we are happy with his recovery too, i appreciate your kind words and support

  3. Am so happy for you troy, such a nice dog was made to suffer, I think it's hitime we interview our clients before selling our pups to them, thank you for the love shown to troy

    1. yes i agree, Thanks alot , we are happy with his recovery too, i appreciate your kind words and support

  4. Awww..this is so touching!
    I wonder why people keep dogs when they know fully well that they wont take care of them. That's simply animal cruelty!
    These creatures deserve care and love like any other member of the family they are in.

    Kudos to you guys!
    Such a great job!!

    1. Thanks alot , i appreciate your kind words and support

  5. Horrendous Jide! Awesome work y'all are doing.