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Hello! Everyone, its me again..

     So I was driving on around the neighbourhood searching for birds to shoot (photograph).
      Suddenly , I stumbled upon something unusual at a typical mallam's shop, it was a kitten, staring at everything in its path, like a lion hehehe...

      Amazed by this, I decided to buy some biscuits from the mallam, during the transaction I asked for his name, he replied, my name na Ibrahim ..

        Then I engaged him in a conversation about his kitten, he hadn't named it officially but he called it 'mis mid' hehehe... Funny name right? Well, that's not the highlight, you should have seen the look on the kittens face when he called, the kitten's female by the way, her eyes opened wider, she would meow and cat walk closer to Ibrahim, the bond between these two is nothing short of amazing.

           I decided to take some pictures while asking some questions about mis mis, mis mis will never leave the shop, she was either on the roof, hanging around the door of the shop or just something camouflaged around the shop watching everyone day in , day out.

          As the days went by, I asked around about the Ibrahim and mismis, fortunately for me I wasn't the only one who was amazed by the unusual bond and friendship between Ibrahim and his pet, people testified that mis mis was his companion and they would go about their day together selling goods to customers, hehehe...

           I went back to Ibrahim to surprise him with some of the pictures(hard copy) I took of him and mismis, he was so glad , he didn't expect me to give print pictures of mismis, he even tried showing mismis its picture, some of his friends and customers were around to watch the popular kitten named mismis, rumour as it that, some kids who obviously love pets or were fascinated by this particular bond will come to Ibrahim's shop to buy biscuits just to see mismis..

            Have never experienced the level of human compassion from someone to a cat before but seeing this and experiencing this was a first for me and it got me thinking about how kind hearted Ibrahim will be as a person , out of what he has to survive he shares it with his kitten, some days may be monotonous but with mismis its never a dull moment.....

           This as me reading up on the different breeds of cats and wondering if there are more cat lovers out there in Nigeria.
            So if you happen to come across Ibrahim and mismis, try to say hello ☺, friendly chaps.....

Photo-credit: Jide Ajayi Pet Photography and Seton Farms.
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-Ajayi Babajide Olusegun



  1. I'm also a cat lover too. Nice one

  2. Beautiful Jide. Your blogging style is getting more and more distinctive. Ayam loving your communications evolution. The pissures are on point as always.